See Quickstart for getting initially setup.


Generally when using Ordbok, these following kwargs can be supplied at initialization. However when working with Flask, initialization of the config happens internally, so a helper method app.config.update_defaults() is provided. This must be called before app.config.load() to have any effect.

  • config_dir defaults to config and looks for files in this directory relative to the current working directory (or the app.root_dir in Flask).
  • custom_config_files defaults to ['config.yml', 'local_config.yml']. If you like to change these or add more, specify them as a string of the filename here. As above, earlier files will be overridden by later files.
  • include_env defaults to True, but if set to False, the environment will not be checked by the config.load() method.
  • namespace is used to avoid conflicts of real configuration values and defaults to 'ordbok'. (If you override this, you'll want to avoid using something like 'flask' or 'app'.)
  • default_environment defaults to development. If config['ENVIRONMENT'] is unset, we look in the environment for ORDBOK_ENVIRONMENT. If this is unset, the default_environment is used.