• Add advanced Example to documentation
  • Add support for more file types (JSON, maybe XML?)
  • Add integrated support for other frameworks (Pyramid, Django, etc.)
  • Add a private config file type, where an encrypted version of the file could exist in the repo, and a password could be set in the environment where the private keys are used. Will require integration with Flask-Script to provide methods to decrypt locally with the password, edit keys, and re-encrypt. (In progress on branch encrypted-config.)


If anything on the TODO list looks like something you'd like to take on, go ahead and fork the project and submit a Pull Request. For other features, please first open an issue proposing the feature/change.


To hack on ordbok, make sure to install the development requirements in your virtual environment.

pip install -r dev_requirements.txt


Pull Requests should include tests covering the changes/features being proposed. To run the test suite, simply run:


There is also a script, which will run the tests in all three supported environments, assuming your Python 2.7 virtualenv is named venv, your PyPy virutalenv is named venvpypy, and your Python 3 virtualenv is named venv3.